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About Casa La Luna

Founded in July 2013, Luca Italian Cuisine stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders  With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and a deep passion for European fine dining, the founder, (Lola Jacaj) transformed her dream into reality by bringing Casa La Luna to life.

Casa La Luna (formerly Luca Italian Cuisine) offers a blend of traditional and modern high-end Northern Italian dishes that consistently delight both first-time patrons and loyal guests. The culinary experience is further enriched by a menu that features regular favorites and daily specials, ensuring a diverse and exciting dining experience for guests every night.

Commitment to Excellence plays a pivotal role as the team at Casa La Luna, ensuring that each guest's visit is not just a meal but a memorable and exceptional dining experience. Their expertise in wine selections and dedication to hospitality further elevate the ambiance and service at Casa La Luna.

Event Hosting and Catering
Beyond its daily dinner service, Casa La Luna offers catering services, both on-site and off-site. The restaurant can curate special menus tailored to suit various event styles, including casual gatherings, buffet setups, and fine dining occasions. Casa La Luna's versatility in event hosting ensures that every celebration or gathering is catered to with elegance and culinary expertise.

All-Season Patio
Casa La Luna prides itself on providing a picturesque and inviting dining setting throughout the year. The restaurant boasts a year-round patio that is enclosed and heated during colder months, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif, a delightful meal, or a post-dinner nightcap in a charming and comfortable outdoor environment regardless of the season.

Accolades and Recognition
Renowned for its culinary excellence, warm hospitality, and commitment to creating unforgettable dining experiences, Casa La Luna has garnered accolades and recognition as one of the premiere dining destinations in Cleveland. Rated highly by patrons and critics alike, Casa La luna continues to stand out as a beacon of culinary artistry and hospitality in the region.

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